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Geffrey Gardner
  • Community Events

    Parla! Parla! Parla!
    2-23-19 10:30 am - New Jersey Rock Gym
    Northern NJ Italian and English Language Exchange

    Ciao a Tutti! This is one of our regular meetings! If you are learning Italian and want to practice speaking, this meeting is for you! We are at all different levels, here. The important thing to is come to a meeting and don't worry about making...

    Tai Chi Chung Simple Eight Forms
    2-23-19 10:30 am - New Jersey Rock Gym
    Tai Chi Beginner Class

    People practice Tai Chi for different reasons. Some practice it to alleviate an illness, for better health, relaxation, or just for fun. By learning to recognize the Yin and Yang forces within us and balancing them, we can effectively maintain...

    Come Climb With Outdoor Afro!
    2-23-19 10:30 am - New Jersey Rock Gym
    Outdoor Afro New Jersey

    Come inside from the cold! Join Outdoor Afro NJ as we head back to the The New Jersey Rock Gym. We will learn the basics of Indoor Rock Climbing with a certified instructor. Rock climbing is one of the fastest growing sports and is taking the...

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    Please have a look around, and don’t hesitate to get in touch if I can be of assistance.

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